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Testimonials - Big Beautiful Women


I decided that this year I was going to stick to my annual resolution and finally lose the weight and get in shape. I saw an ad for Jennifer's Boot Camp in the paper and signed up for 12 weeks beginning in January.

The orientation was a real wake up call for me. With all my measurements there on paper, there was no denying I had a lot of hard work ahead. I signed up because I wanted to look better, but after the orientation, I knew that I needed to do this for my health even more.

I really like the menu plan. It has good wholesome food and recipes that are quick, easy and really delicious. I also really like it because I shop once a week and have everything I need for that week. I simply pack my lunch and snacks each night and am ready for the day ahead. Once I got into the routine, it was easy.
The workouts were not so easy. Jennifer works her classes hard, but the results kept me coming back for more. I signed up for a third class each week because I knew they were working. Jennifer has great music and keeps the atmosphere light, even though you're working hard, and at the end I always feel great.

I lost 20 lbs. and went down 2 sizes that first Camp. I was not about to stop there, this was working! I signed up for another 12 week Camp.
The second Camp I had Dan for a trainer and he is great! He is a great motivator and encourages everyone to push themselves to reach their goals. His style is a little different than Jennifer's but I like the variety, and the results just keep coming, so I just keep going to class.

At the end of Camp in July, I was down another 16 lbs and another size. I was really happy with my results but was even happier to find out I was one of the "Biggest Losers" and was rewarded with a wonderful Spa Package.
I could say that my success was all sweat and will power, but I really think that it comes from the commitment that Jennifer and Dan encourage everyone to make to themselves. Jennifer wants everyone to succeed. She is constantly coming up with ideas to improve and expand the program so that everyone has a chance at success. She shares her own resources for everything, from make-up artists to lavash, and encourages everyone to take care of themselves for health and well being, not just looks.

So far I have lost 41 lbs and 4 sizes. I signed up to stay in Camp until December. I know by then I will be in the best shape of my life. I have been thin before but I have never felt as healthy and fit as I do now. I am really looking forward to having the body I have always wanted and I know that staying in Jennifer's Body Beautiful Boot Camp is going to give me everything I need to reach that goal.


Thank you for the best 12 week workout program of my life.The workouts exceeded my every expectation. It was really hard to get up at 5am to work out for an hour three times a week. But, man it sure worked. I am stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time. Each workout was better than the next. The shoe clinic and extra meetings really helped me stay motivated and it paid off! I am so happy with the weight loss and I will keep it off. I am looking forward to another 12 weeks in the fall.

One of the highlight was bring Timmy to class to show him how hard you work us out and he was very supportive and pleased with the program.

Jenn and Dan, thank you again for an incredible experience. Michelle, Biggest Loser


Jennifer and her Big and Beautiful Bootcamp is capable of teaching this old dog new tricks. I am a 57 1/2 year old severely overweight woman who was very attached to the couch. I'm tired after a full day of work and my habit was to just fix dinner and then watch TV until bedtime. I was getting more tired by the minute and I hated it. I saw Jen's advertisement in the HOUR magazine and gave her a call and the rest is history. Just like the American Express ad... new gym shoes $150.00, new workout pants $74.99... getting me up off the couch...priceless! I have been fighting with my weight for the last 50 years and I have been on every fad diet and pill ever available for the last 50 years. I have been working out, on and off, for the last 27 years....sproadically and without a life long commitment.

Jennifer taught me how to eat healthy meals and snacks many times a day and to feel satisfied all day long. I now pack a "day-o-food" each morning so I'm never tempted to cheat (new trick). She did this with her diet plan suggestions (knowledge) and weekly call-ins reporting food shopping and weekly food log reports (accountability). Jennifer also MADE me workout hard... sweat and everything... twice a week... no excuses (new trick). I was gyrating in a room full of "twenty-somethings" and I know I was a lot slower but I just kept doing it week after week. By the end of each and every class I was smiling thru my sweat. I have very arthritic knees and these workouts were doubly hard for me but Jen was supportive (do the exercise this way so your knees won't be stressed) and demanding (do it) at the same time... and I did it!

After 12 weeks I lost a total of 14 pounds, which is not much for a 20 year old woman to lose, but any woman over fifty can understand when I say I haven't been able to be this successful for years. I did lose 2 sizes, look more shapely, and best of all, I feel great. I have more energy and I am moving around better. I feel stronger and more confident.

That bootcamp class ended for me about a month ago, but Jennifer's lessons are ingrained now. She said I had to "follow the whole bootcamp plan" for 12 weeks to make it "part of my routine" and she was right. I'm working out (not as hard as with Jen's encouragement) once or twice a week still and I'm am such a "healthy" eater my friends and family are impressed. Even my husband wants me to continue the bootcamp because this is the first time I have been able to totally stick with a plan and succeed. I am looking forward to starting up again in January.


This camp is amazing. I was signing my son up for summer camps and when I saw the ad for the boot camp it seemed like what I needed. I spend so much time doing everything else I haven't given myself time to get healthy. You know what you have to do but just don't find the time to do it. I decided that I would give it the summer to see if it work. I had tried every diet in the book but no long lasting results. This was definitely something new for me. The workouts are HARD. During the first class I was out of breath during the warm up. But I kept with it. I could see myself getting stronger and able to do more and more. Everyone is very encouraging. They push you but that keeps you focus. I never work out that hard on my own. The diet helped too. But I really wouldn't call it a diet. It was a sensible eating plan that you can do anywhere. Writing down what you eat every day is eye opening. You don't know how all the little things add up until is down on paper. You have to plan out your meals but you make better choices that way. Now I am not hungry and don't struggle with that part at all. I'm struggling with the workouts but it is coming. At the end of the 12 weeks I had lost 26 pounds and down more than a dress size. I still have more weight to lose but this has been a lifesaver. I feel better than I have felt in years. I look forward to going to class and doing those hard workouts because it is working. I know I will reach my goal at the end of the next 12 weeks.

Thanks Jenn and Mike!

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