Successful Story – Perfect Honey Moon

Thank you jenn for making my day and honey moon perfect! … [Continue reading]

Another Successfull Body Transformation

Cathy Before and After Full Body

Get into great shape - Body Beautiful Boot Camp; personal training in the studio, in your home or on location. … [Continue reading]

Body By Jenn Challenge 2013

Body By Jenn Challenge will start January 7th and January 28th, 2013 You too can get results like this also.   Sign up now to hold your … [Continue reading]

Body By Jenn Challenge 2012

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The Body Sculptress – Jennifer Gray helps to chisel beautiful bodies and minds.

Jennifer Gray MY Magazine

Only the lucky have been handed the ‘perfect body gene’ on a silver platter. The majority of us must put great effort into achieving a toned, sculpted … [Continue reading]

Real Woman Getting Real Results


Photographed by Scott Sprague 248.212.7148 Gowns and Accessories by Betsy's Bridal and Formal … [Continue reading]

Release stress with personal training

If you are stressed, you know that there is good and bad stress. Bad stress is bad for your body while good stress might motivate you. Getting rid of … [Continue reading]

Toneup for your special day

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Maintain your dress size

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Kids back at school, time to get in shape

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