Jennifer GreyJennifer Gray, founder of Body Beautiful Boot Camp, is a 15-year fitness expert who has devised a system specifically for people who want to attain their personal fitness goals in a short period of time, utilizing the best of fitness trends and modalities, personal support and instruction, while incorporating a mind-body connection.

Jennifer offers 3 options to help her clients get into great shape: Body Beautiful Boot Camp; personal training in the studio, in your home or on location and Zumba classes.

Jennifer’s Body Beautiful Boot Camp is a whole body approach that integrates Jennifer Gray’s own fitness formula- which includes Bosu ball, kickboxing, circuit weight training, Pilates, low-impact step aerobics, yoga, and belly dancing- with nutrition and healthy lifestyles. For every person, at any stage of life and fitness level, Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps ensure life-changing results. Nutritional guidance is offered throughout the course of the program. The benefits of boot camp go beyond the program itself. It’s a life-altering health and lifestyle experience, not another weight-loss fad.

More than 5,000 women have participated in Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps, many of whom attained the toned figure they desired and gained a healthier diet too.

Jennifer tailors her program to provide maximal results for multiple audiences:

  • Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Brides.
  • Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Women.
  • Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Big and Beautiful Women.
  • Boot Camp for Men.

Jennifer encourages group effort, total health and to “plan for success”

With every one hour camp, Jennifer Gray takes the best of all the disciplines she knows and tailors it to the class needs and the workout system evolves to keep participants interested and active. Jennifer blends cardiovascular training with stretching, a healthy diet and a supportive environment. She focuses on a method of “success through preparation,” a concept she believes in when it comes to healthy living.