Who is Jennifer Gray?

Jennifer Gray holds a four-year degree from Oakland University with concentrations in Exercise Physiology and Psychology. She has been certified through the years in the ACE (American Council of Exercise), the AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America), Exercise Specialists, and kickboxing. Jennifer is currently certified in group fitness training through the AFAA, and remains current in all significant developments within the disciplines of fitness and sports training, exercise, health, and psychology. Located in Oakland County Michigan.

Why is this different from other fitness programs?

Body Beautiful Boot Camps programs differ from other fitness programs in several ways. Every participant starts with a personal fitness evaluation by Jennifer Gray. Every participant identifies and sets her personal fitness goals for the program. The program is for a definitive time frame. Many other exercise programs require a year membership. The progressive program is designed to take women to increased levels of stamina and fitness. Nutrition instruction is part of the program- combining the two necessary components to any successful weight loss and fitness program. It is affordable. Sessions costs at least half of what a session with a professional trainer would.

Who are these camps designed for?

Women interested in getting and keeping themselves fit and toned. Anyone can benefit, regardless of what fitness levels you are at and what body type you are. There are classes for Big and Beautiful Women who have specific weight loss goals. Everyone needs to fill out a health history and disclaimer. It is recommended that everyone check with his or her health care provider before starting an exercise program.

Why is it called Boot Camp?

You are responsible for achieving your goals. We provide the instruction, but the work is yours. We have rules regarding attendance and menu reporting. Finally, you will feel different afterward if you commit to doing the work.

Who teaches the classes?

Jennifer Gray and her team of trainers teach classes. All personally chosen by Jennifer, they are all under her direction and held up to her strict standards.

How can I become a trainer with Body Beautiful Boot Camps?

Submit a letter indicating the training and credentials you have and send it to jenn@bodybyjenn.com. Indicate where you could teach and your dates and hours of availability. All trainers must complete a training session with Jennifer Gray.

Can you advise me on diet or nutrition questions?

We have a nutritionist present a menu plan system at the start of each session. Please note that we cannot answer specific menu or nutrition questions for you. A list of suggested nutrition experts is being developed for your convenience.

What will we do in these sessions?

From week to week you will rotate exercising ALL different types of muscles and all areas of the body to both strengthen and tone. You will utilize a variety of exercises to keep it fresh, including Pilates Bar method, bosu ball, kickboxing, low-impact step aerobics, and even yoga and belly dancing.

What if I do not see a class near me?

We are adding classes. Please send an email to jenn@bodybyjenn.com with your preferred area and we will contact you if we set up a class there. Also check the site regularly to see class schedules.

Do I attend all classes at the same place and time?

You will sign up for a time slot in a single location (i.e. 6am on Tuesday/Thursday + 7am on Saturday in West Bloomfield). Check out list of locations.

Can Jennifer Gray come talk about fitness or demonstrate for my group, organization or media outlet?

Please contact jenn@bodybyjenn.com to arrange personal presentations. Call Jennifer Gray (248) 761-2321

We are located in Oakland County Michigan, 33022 Northwestern, West Bloomfield