Fitness Camp and other Programs

Each main fitness camp is twelve weeks long, and also includes two six week sessions. Buckle-Down Boot Camp is a way for campers to keep up their motivation and exercise in between camps. The six week sessions run parallel to the 12 week program.

Although campers will utimately get the most out of a 12 week session, there are advantages and disadvantages to the individual 6 week sessions. For campers beginning in the first six weeks, they will be starting off with a larger group of women and have the advantage of growing their support group early on. Campers beginning in the second six weeks will miss some of the information from the beginning orientation, but will be inspired by people who have already had results from the first 6 weeks.

Extreme Buckle-Down programs are a kickstart for our main programs. With a requirement of 4-5 days attendance, they are a way for campers to overcommit for one week to get prepared for the 6 or 12 week commitment.