Success through Preparation

Success through preparation

Jennifer Gray focuses on a method of “success through preparation,” a concept she believes in when it comes to healthy living. By planning for exe … [Continue reading]

Total health and Motivation


More than 100 women have graduated from Jennifer Gray's Body Beautiful Boot Camps, attaining the toned figure they each desired and gaining a … [Continue reading]

Group effort and Emotional Support

By joining a boot camp program with friends, clients receive the emotional support they need to attain their healthy lifestyle goals. Working out … [Continue reading]

The Body Beautiful Boot Camp Concept

Body beautiful Concept

Body Beautiful Boot Camp is a whole body approach that integrates Jennifer Gray’s own fitness formula- which includes bosu ball, kickboxing, circuit … [Continue reading]

Why join a Body Boot Camp?

Jennifer blends cardiovascular training with stretching, a healthy diet and a supportive environment. She focuses on a method of “success through p … [Continue reading]

Fitness Camp and other Programs

Each main fitness camp is twelve weeks long, and also includes two six week sessions. Buckle-Down Boot Camp is a way for campers to keep up their … [Continue reading]


Welcome to our new blog section of the website. … [Continue reading]