Boot Camp for Woman

Body Beautiful Boot Camp for Women is for every woman who wants to feel and look better.

Some people fear that “working out” will change them in ways that are not feminine. The opposite is true. Just look at Jennifer Gray! Strong and lean is sexy!

If you are in your 20s to early 60s and wish to tone up and/or lose 5-40 lbs, this class is for you.

If you are currently happy with your weight, but want to experience the latest up and coming customized programs, including nutrition- this class is for you.

If you’d like to tone up and change your overall appearance by reshaping without over training, this class is for you.

If you’d really just like to lose body fat, this class is for you.

It doesn’t matter what size, shape, or fitness level a woman is at– there’s a place in this class for you. Clients are grouped by fitness level, goals, and ability, so that each woman receives personalized training suited to her individual needs.