Success through Preparation

Success through preparation

Jennifer Gray focuses on a method of “success through preparation,” a concept she believes in when it comes to healthy living. By planning for exercise and preparing to make healthy food choices, weight loss goals are possible. And the results are rewarding. Her programs provide more than a customized and diversified exercise regimen. In addition, she incorporates diet and fitness counseling into her camps.Clients must also maintain a cardiovascular training log of their fitness routines throughout the program. Jennifer is accessible to clients throughout the program, and answers questions and provides support and guidance.
Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps ensure results based on personal accountability. She believes that when a person is accountable for her actions, the effort becomes more than a workout or a healthy diet -– it transforms into a beneficial lifestyle.

Clients in Body Beautiful Fitness Boot Camps must take responsibility for their own fitness goals. Clients must be serious and focused on the future. Coming to camp late isn’t acceptable. Clients who do show up late to a session receive a demerit and those accumulating three demerits do not proceed in the program. The key is to “make a commitment to yourself and you’ll succeed”.