Miriam – Body By Jenn Challenge

Kristen Bettis – 12 Week Bootcamp Challenge

Read some of the feedback during previous Body Beautiful Boot Camp sessions. These emails to Jennifer Gray portray a slice of life and convey the excitement and enthusiasm of the women who have taken the course.

Janet-WilliamsI had been physically active all my life but still always struggled with my weight and poor body image. Since I had severely unhealthy eating habits, I would try to exercise a lot to compensate. This led to yearly cycles of my weight escalating up and then never quite making it all the way back down. It was like a never ending, really bad, rollercoaster ride. Within the past few years I had my daughter, went back to school full time, and still continued to work. As you can imagine I thought I could not fit as much exercise into my overly busy schedule and the weight started to creep on. Last semester I gained ten pounds and decided it was time to put a stop to the craziness. Jenn’s convenient class times made it possible for me to fit classes into my tight schedule.
Whether it is a Body Beautiful Boot Camp or Zumba class I know that Jenn will push me to the limit. I don’t every worry about getting enough exercise in her programs. All her classes are cardiovascularly challenging yet can be modified to suit your needs. Her interval training and toning techniques are top of the line getting maximum results in a short amount of time. I would recommend that every new participant attend an orientation because they are extremely informative and explain many important aspects of nutrition, water intake, and exercise. Last but not least, her menu plans, grocery lists, and recipes make having to manage my eating habits less daunting. I admit I still have a ways to go, but I know I can make it with Jenn’s help and the support of my fellow boot campers. They have been there every step of the way and I cannot thank them enough.
The photo shoot was a once in a life time experience. Hats off to all the stylists and artists who made the final product a stunning success! I would like to say a special thanks to Scott Sprague whose artistry and skill brought the whole thing together. His studio spaced was well equipped and accommodated our large group comfortably. He was a consummate professional and was always quick to lend a helping hand. Most importantly, he made you feel very comfortable during the shoot bringing out your inner spark. Thanks to Scott we felt and looked like superstars!
– Janet Williams

Vikki-GardiakosMy goals for participating in the Bootcamp were to tone my body and lose body fat percentage. Bootcamp twice a week, supplemented by Zumba twice a week, got me the results I was looking for. I found the bootcamp to be challenging, yet fun and progressive. After my first class I felt energize and on my way to reaching my goals. The changes in my body were almost immediate! I increased my fitness, improved muscle tone and reduced my body fat percentage by 3%!
– Vikki Gardiakos

Kristen-BettisBody By Jenn is a great network for support, education, and motivation for everyone to reach their individual goals. From significant weight loss to living a healthy lifestyle the bottom line is Jenn has created an environment for all of us to succeed. I thank all ladies who show up everyday who i can share my journey.
The entire photo shoot was nothing short of amazing! I am truly blessed to have been able to take part and can’t thank Jenn enough. From gorgeous gowns to the celebrity treatment the confidence I saw not only in myself and all the ladies is inspiring. It is a constant reminder that we all are worth it and have come so far from where we began…it makes all the blood, sweat and tears that much sweeter. The most exciting was the moment seeing my reflection after Amber the makeup artist was finished working her magic. I did not even recognize the woman looking back at me. She is fabulous and I can’t thank her enough for taking the time to be a part of this amazing experience!
– Kristen Bettis

D'Wanna-RandolphWhat can I say about Jennifer Gray’s Body Bootcamp? Where exactly do I begin? The most rewarding achievement for me since I joined the Bootcamp would have to be losing over 82lbs (and counting) and keeping it off for the past 2 years. Losing the weight was challenging but maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and adjusting to the change would be the key to my success. Being a part of this Bootcamp has given me the tools that I need to be an effective loser. The different exercise regimens that Jennifer customized for me was definitely a plus. Of course, the helpful tasty recipes crafted by Chef Carl of Market Basket was essential and a big asset my happiness I have today. I love the fact that Jennifer utilizes various resources like nutritionists, gourmet chefs, and consistent workout plans to be the bridge that ultimately enhances the lives of so many. Body By Jenn has truly contributed to the smile on my face and my heart. Thank you Jennifer Gray for the tough love and for caring so much to want to change the lives of so many.
– D’Wanna Randolph

Before joinging Body by Jen Bootcamp I had lost a hundred pounds through my own effort. But then the inevitable happened, the dreaded plateau. Still needing to lose a lot more weight I felt stuck. I even started to gain. This time I thought enough is enough, the gloves are off! (or on in the case of Bootcamp!) I had always seen Jennifer’s Bootcamp advertised in Hour magazine and was always intimidated to try it. I thought how can an overweight girl who’s not totally fit like me keep up? When I started to gain it made me angry enough to squash my fears and take the plunge. I signed up for Bootcamp! I’m not going to lie, the first session was super tough! I thought oh my what did I get myself in to? But I kept going, and I started to see results and it got easier. At Body by Jen I also found a new passion, Zumba!!!!! Love it! Now I look forward to Bootcamp, I look forward to Zumba and the scale is no longer my nemisis!! Since joining Jen’s bootcamp I’ve lost 34 pounds. My goal is to lose another 60 pounds by September 1, which will be my one year anniversary with Body by Jenn. I’m confident that with Jen’s workouts, a healthy diet and a never give up attitude I will reach that goal! My advice to anyone thinking about joining is this, just do it! You won’t regret it, the old adage is true getting started is the hardest part!
– Helen

Amanda-BarkerWhen my good friend Helen first invited me to try Body By Jenn’s Sunday morning Zumba class, I was a little apprehensive. It was at 9:30 am, which meant getting up at 7:30 am on a Sunday, and on top of that I was afraid I would look foolish. Well, all it took was one class to prove me wrong and now I am hooked!
When that first class got going and the music started pumping, I forgot about how tired I was and i just started moving. Jenn’s energy was extremely contagious. She was all over the place and I wanted to be right there with her! Being that it was my first time, I had no idea what I was doing as far as the moves and timing, but you know what? No one cared! It was so fun I truly forgot I was working out. After what seemed like 10 minutes, Jenn asked is how we were feeling and told us it was time to cool down. Much to my surprise, it had been 55 minutes (and come to find out 700-900 calories burned). I was so impressed with Jenn and how she made the class fun and exciting, that I knew right then and there, I would be back.
Through the help of Zumba classes with Jenn, doing cardio exercise, strength training and eating a very healthy and balanced diet, I am extremely proud to say that I lost over 57 pounds in less than 3 months!
When Jenn asked me to participate in the most recent Body By Jenn photoshoot, I was flattered to say the least. After all the hard work I had put in, it was a wonderful treat to get all dolled up and really see the results of that work. With my amazing hair by Atheer and stunning makeup by Shalonda A., I felt something that I hadn’t in a very long time… BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for all you do, Jenn.
– Amanda J. Barker

Donna-AndersonExercise and eating healthy have always been a part of my life. However, illness and menopause had another plan for me. I watched as my weight crept up and my body tone diminished due to inactivity and taking Prednisone during a multi-year life-threatening illness. To top this off, I was also entering menopause. Many of my friends and acquaintances gained weight when they reached menopause. I was no different.
After multiple surgeries and intensive medical intervention, my health started improving. To address the weight gain, I tried walking and watching what I ate. I walked long distances every day but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I tried another exercise facility for women and lost some weight, but wasn’t toning up. When I first started with Body by Jenn, I didn’t think I could physically do the workout. It was hard, physically and mentally. However, I stuck with it. Although I have to take short breaks during the class, due to some lingering health problems, I’m still seeing results. I’ve lost 15 of the 20 pounds that I gained. This is great, but even more pleasing is that my body is starting to tone up in places that were never toned before. For others out there, just get started. Hang in there in the beginning. The great results you will achieve will keep you coming back.
I was thrilled to be invited to take part in the Body by Jenn photo shoot. It was fun participating with the other girls and hearing their success stories. I was especially excited to have worn a sleeveless dress for the photo. I would never wear sleeveless clothing before Body by Jenn. My thanks to Jenn and all of the professionals that offered their services so we could have this special experience.
– Donna Anderson

Kim-HoweI started Body beautiful boot camp in July of 2007. When I was younger I never had a lot of trouble keeping weight off. I am for the most part a healthy eater. All my life the one thing I had trouble committing to was exercise.
After having three children and turning 40, things started to change. No matter what I did I could not keep the extra pounds away. That’s when I signed up with Jenn. The body beautiful boot camp was unlike anything that I had ever done before. I stayed focused even committed and really started to see my body change.
Each class focused on a different area of the body, making each class far from boring. Jenn makes you challenge yourself. The boot camp is high energy and before I knew it the girl who hated exercise was hooked! It is now December and I have lost nine inches and able to wear a bikini again. My husband thinks I am a new person. I have met a lot of great woman in the camp and it has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness. Thanks Jenn, Mike, Mona & Dan you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!
– Kim Howe

I’m feeling like a million bucks and my thighs are shrinkinging every day!! My homework is done and I’m all organized. I love it!!See you Tuesday!!
– Barb

I know it’s not Sunday but I still did my homework. I’m gettting ready for my week ahead. See you Tuesday! Skinnier,
– Barb

I also want to thank you for helping me to modify some of the exercises in class. You are a great instructor and motivator. Even though I have a nasty sinus infection, I can already see the difference in my energy level over the last week. Have a great weekend and I will see you Tuesday.Thanks,
– Tricia

Unbelievable we are in week 11!! Just want to extend a thank you for all your dedication to meeting each and every one of our personal goals. I definately feel more comfortable in my own skin. Anyhow, ready to go for week 11. See you Tuesday.

Long time no see. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Also to say that I miss bootcamp!! You will be glad to know that I have not gained an ounce since I broke my foot a month ago. Thank you for all your dedication to helping me reach my goals. Hope the new group is kicking ass and getting their asses kicked. I am sure they are!! I hope all is well with you. Oh, by the way, just had Emily’s bachlorette party in Chicago this past weekend. She looks great. She is down to 118. No more flabby arms or love handles. She has also been to see Dina for facials. Her face is looking great.
– Tricia

Got on the scale this morning and had broken into the 150’s! Weighed in at 159 which is 9 pounds less since I started 4 weeks ago. I am thrilled!Thanks for the workouts – it is really working for me,
– Sue

The run this morning was fun! Glad I am doing the program with you.
– Sue

I just wanted to let you know that I fit into a pair of capris that I had from last summer that I could not fit into last week. This is so exciting! Even though I cannot always keep up with the young brides, I am beginning to see changes – thanks! See you on Wed.
– Judie

Thanks for your time and encouragement Saturday…. I figured out I haven’t gone 3 miles since my youngest was an infant…. he’s 27 now. I plan to use your “2 fast 1 slow” interval format this week and build up the distance to the 3 miles. So 3 will be doable next Saturday.Thanks,
– Jan

I was wrong about my weight loss total, it was 10 pounds at the end of week 5, not the five I thought it was. I did find I was not drinking the required water….I thought I drank enough normally, but after we talked, I started to look for another reason for the “slower than should be” weight loss….I was eating per the plan (mostly) and exercising …..so then I actually measured the intake of water…….I was “drowning” by the end of the first day …….good bet that I was lacking here and that slowed the weight loss.See you soon,
– Jan

I couldn’t have come this far without your “encouragement” and I thank you for that…..you are an excellent instructor and a great example for all of us.I liked tonight’s class with the split between aerobics and toning. I also like the bike.
– Jan

It has been a pleasure (mostly) working with you. I’ve been telling my friends getting me up off the couch was priceless!
I’m eating healthy and feeling so much better and moving daily. I never thought I could make it thru the WHOLE 12 weeks, but I did it and I have you to thank for that.Thanks again,
– Jan

I have really enjoyed the class and the changes that I’ve noticed in my body. I have been keeping up with my cardio. I ran three miles this morning. Please do not drop me from the class but don’t expect to see me until Saturday. Thank you Stacie

I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to return your email or your call. Unfortunately my schedule will not allow for me to return at this time. I greatly appreciate your concern and I’m happy to hear that I still have the support of the class. I have continued to work out at home and I try everyday to make healthy food choices. I will call you in the spring when hopefully my schedule will lighten up. Thank you.

I still very much want to continue coming to Boot Camp. I love the class and so do not want to leave! I was never planning on going past 12 weeks but now I do not want to stop. THANK YOU for everything!
– Laura

I probably only need to lose about 10 pounds but would love to feel better. In the past ten years I’ve gone through invitro, foot surgery etc. and haven’t really gotten in shape. I casually bike ride and take walks with my husband but feel really sluggish and would like some upper body strength. In my 40’s I’m now looking at improving the overall health to build bone mass and have more energy. How did your boot camp go???? Will you be doing another one?
– Wendy

Thank you for your dedication to this program. I look forward to getting my butt kicked and to becoming an all around healthier person. Tenatively, the stop smoking date is Sunday May 1st. Just thought you would like to know.Thanks again!
– Tricia

I am particularly excited about trying all the different marinades! ummm ummm goodie goodie.Holla atcha later!
– Paula

I really missed not being able to come to class last Thursday, but you can tell I have been sticking to the diet and exercising. I lost two more pounds!! (down to 161). I think I have found the right balance of insulin to food with the portions and food I am eating, so the weight is starting to come off slowly(in addition to getting more toned!). Yeah!See you Tues!

I just got home for grocery shopping, I always get excited on Sunday nights to get all new food and start a new week. I am really liking the food….my Mom is jealous. Which by the way asked me to ask you if you were ever going to have a mother of the bride class, she said she would be interested!
I loved our workout yesterday outside, I am glad we had such a great day. I felt good after since I am not really a runner.
I will see you on Tuesday at the gym.OK, bye,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a great workout yesterday!  I really want you to push me like you did even though I am a wimp…..
I am sore today girl……………..
I am looking forward to our session on Sunday Morning
I just wanted to say thanks for breakfast this morning! It was nice to sit down and talk to you on a friendly basis. I hope you are having a nice day!
I hope to repay the favor soon!
See you tomorrow @ 6:30 – looking forward to a another great workout!
Have a nice evening! Thanks again!

As promised I am emailing you… I really enjoyed the class! You worked my butt off… but then again that is the plan.
It’s Candy just giving you my e-mail address. 🙂 I’m going to head to the store in the morning and do my grocery shopping. I am also going to get some new shoes to wear. 🙂 Bootcamp is harder then I thought,I love it.I need to get in the groove of it.I was a little off key. I was killing myself doing it,but after I felt great.Make sure you’re tough on me, I need the discipline.Thanks:) See ya Wednesday!!
– Candy

I am actually going to participate in the 5k run at the zoo in about a week and a half. I would like to thank you for all of your help and support. I never would have improved this much if I had tried to workout on my own.Take Care,

Ok, so I can barely walk today! Geeze, are you trying to kill me or get me in shape? Seriously, it was a great class and I feel totally motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Thanks!
See you tomorrow night. I did get up at 6:30 to do my cardio, my knees were as stiff as the tin man’s so it was only a brisk walk, I was in no condition to do wind sprints!
– Tracy