The Body Beautiful Boot Camp Concept

Body beautiful ConceptBody Beautiful Boot Camp is a whole body approach that integrates Jennifer Gray’s own fitness formula- which includes bosu ball, kickboxing, circuit weight training, Pilates, low-impact step aerobics, yoga, and belly dancing – with nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

For every woman at any stage of life and fitness level, from brides-to-be, to those preparing for any special occasion, Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps ensure life-changing results. With group personal training and intensity combined with a nurturing environment, participants achieve measurable results. While many other fitness regimens don’t address the whole person, Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps acknowledge that stress and disconnection often contribute to being unfit. Jennifer helps women to reconnect with the softer, feminine side of themselves. The training actually results in a lean and sexy but soft look- Victoria’s Secret models might not have the secret alone anymore!

The fitness program remains easy on joints with lower impact exercises; there is an emphasis on women reaching their goals in a safe manner. Women of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to participate.

Jennifer tailors her program to provide maximal results for multiple audiences:

Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Brides
Brides, the mother of the bride, and the wedding party can tone up prior to the big day, ensuring goal-oriented results before it’s time to wear the gown.

Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Women
The camp caters to women who are looking to change the way they feel about their bodies and believe they can achieve it with motivation and a restructured workout regimen.

Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Big and Beautiful Women
Big and beautiful women who have specific health and fitness goals come together to make those goals a reality.

With every camp, Jennifer Gray takes the best of all the disciplines she know and tailors it to the class needs. Exercise can be enjoyable, she believes. And she’s set out to prove it. Every step of the way, she is there to ensure that her clients succeed.

From Pilates Bar method to Bosu ball, kickboxing to low-impact step aerobics, yoga to belly dancing, the workout system evolves to keep participants interested and active. Gray blends cardiovascular training with stretching, a healthy diet and a supportive environment. Programs last for 6 or 12 weeks. Clients are encouraged to keep the end in sight and remain motivated.