Total health and Motivation

AchievementMore than 100 women have graduated from Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps, attaining the toned figure they each desired and gaining a healthy diet plan that works. The majority of her clients drop 10-20 pounds participating in a boot camp program. Those who wish to continue on may re-enroll.

The fitness programs provide goal-oriented health and fitness training. Each program keeps a defined end, and measurable result, in sight. Clients work toward their goal from start to finish and get hooked on the intensity. Clients are encouraged to never break a promise to themselves.

Body Beautiful Boot Camps include 12, 18, 24 or 36 sessions and can be divided into two or three sessions per week at a local gym. Clients who choose to meet three times a week will be required to complete two additional cardio-centered sessions per week on their own time. Clients who meet twice a week will then be responsible for three cardio-centered sessions on their own time.