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I enrolled in Bridal Boot Camp with Jenn to because I wanted to lose weight fast. I had a little extra weight that I wanted to get rid of, and I wanted to look and feel incredible. I new Jenn could help me reach my goal of feeling healthy and being toned for the summer.

I was sick of looking in my closet and looking at the cute clothes that I just couldn’t fit into anymore. By taking Jenn’s classes and following the nutrition program, I was able to lose 15 pounds, drop 2 dress sizes, and feel and look incredible for my wedding in just weeks!


Before I started Bridal Boot Camp with Jenn, I was out of shape and lazy. I weighed 155 pounds and wore a size 12. My idea of exercise was watching my dog play in the apartment while I sat on the couch eating candy or chips. Pretty pathetic, I know. I did not really feel great about my weight at the time. I had my wedding coming up pretty fast and the dress I chose was a size 14.

I went to a bridal show with my mom to look for a tuxedo company and wound up running into Jenn. At the time, I walked by her booth, literally laughing out loud. She saw me and started to give me some information about the camp. It struck me as funny that the camp was a “boot camp” because I was an active-duty member of the United States Air Force for four years (from 96-00). I told Jenn this and she said that the class would be great for me. Obviously she thought that I was in need of the class for several different reasons. It took at least 5 or 6 phone calls to get me to sign up. My husband (fiancé at the time) and I were pretty strapped for cash because of our wedding coming up in three months, but we both decided that it would benefit me and possibly him, too. So I wound up in the class on May 3rd, 2005.

Before class started (a few days earlier) I was measured by Jenn and let’s just say that the results made me want to go home and cry. Needless to say, I still showed up. I went to every class (except one that I had an emergency that could not be avoided). I had to make sure and call Jenn and let her know that I would be making the class up. It took a lot of discipline and hard work to make sure I was in class when I was supposed to be there, but it paid off in the end! I was able to go from a size 12 to a size 4 (!!!) in three months. I know that my results were a product of Jenn’s program that consists of exercising using various methods (such as cardio, steps, and kickboxing-just to name a few) and also the meal plans that we had to follow. The classes were definitely fun and uplifting because you have the support of other brides. *also, I would like to add that my fiancé also followed the menus right along with me and lost about 20 pounds, too. He also exercises using other methods.* I never heard so many compliments about my figure before in my entire life. My wedding was wonderful and the dress (size 14!) had to be taken in three times!!! Jen affected me so much that my husband and I decided to invite her to our wedding! I recommend Jen’s program to everyone-I still carry my before pictures with me to remind myself how much I am thankful for. I have never been happier! My husband and I are both grateful for Jen’s program.


Body Beautiful Bootcamp for Brides is the best thing that ever happened to me. I've struggled with my weight since I was 12, never feeling comfortable in my skin.

In High School, my weight plateaued with the help of extra curriculars, but after college and eating with my fiance, whose biggest concern is that he is under weight. It started to creep up; I hit my highest weight at 230 and I started working out again, and trying to eat healthier, coming down to 210, but then I got bored with the food, got busy.... (insert excuse here) and stopped. I started gaining again and then I got engaged. I knew I wanted to go somewhere tropical for my wedding, and I knew I wanted to look fabulous. I swore I wouldn't go back to where I once was and that I would reach my goal.

I've tried Atkins, L.A. Weightloss, Nutrisystem-- none of them got me anywhere, I didn't learn anything, and L.A. actually suggested I not work out. Then I found Jennifer. It took me a few days to call (and a few days of her calling me) before I signed up. I really don't know what I had to think about-- she offered everything that had been missing from my previous attempts.

With Jennifer's program the old excuse of not having to work out right now, or at all, is out the window. Jennifer's waiting and expecting you to be there, along with your group mates, and when you're gone you're missed. You are shown how to eat healthfully and tastefully (more like full of taste) so that this becomes a lifestyle and not just a quick fix that won't last. With Nutrisystem they send you prepared food, but you're not learning how to cook for yourself and it traps you into buying from them. I also had to cook twice as much because my fiance wasn't on the program. With L.A they gave you the basics, but it's too basic. I would eat exactly what it said. Plain dry chicken. Milk. Boring. Period.

With Jennifer's program you learn how to make healthy meals on your own (like Thai Shrimp with steamed broccoli), you're given a grocery list, cooking directions for each meals, with a variety of snacks, and dessert substitutions so that you can continue to live this way and learn how to balance your meals. I am such a picky eater and always in a hurry. It really helped me to know in advance what I would be eating and to plan ahead. Your whole family will also love the food, and the benefit that you're giving your family a chance at a healthier, longer life, is worth any price. My fiance actually complained that he missed it when I didn't cook for a few days. And her 3 month program makes sure you stay with it, but believe me, it won't take that long to see results. I've lost 24 lbs., 6 dress sizes, and 23 in. overall. I am afraid to try on my dress because it probably doesn't fit! I am 4 sizes away from my goal, and I know with Jennifer I'll hit it and that I've learned the skills to maintain it. I can't wait to start shopping for my honeymoon.


It was early spring and I had everything ready for my July wedding. I had picked the flowers, the food, the cake, my dress, the favors, our honeymoon was planned, and I was just counting down those last few months until it was finally here. Everything seemed in place, however, the only thing I wasn’t secure with was my body. I loved my dress, however, I didn’t love the way my arms looked in the dress. I loved the beaded bodice on the dress, however, I wanted a smaller waist (and so on)! I had heard about Jennifer’s Bridal Boot Camp when I first got engaged but I just pushed it off, convincing myself I was too busy with wedding plans. Once the spring was upon me, I realized that I better kick it into high gear if I wanted to look good in my wedding photos and good in a bathing suit while laying out in Hawaii! That’s when I decided to call Jennifer.

She explained the program to me and although I was a bit skeptical, I decided that I needed to do something fast because the days were quickly ticking away. I was intimidated the first day because I thought the boot camp was going to be too much for me to handle. I had worked out in the past but the words “boot camp” were intimidating to me! After my first day, though, I realized that all of the girls were in the same position. We all started at our own pace and we became very comfortable with each other. From our weekly diets to our intense work-outs the three months flew by and all of us were shocked as we watched everyone’s bodies quickly shrink and tone-up! All of the girls were there to support each other, discuss wedding tips, and simply have fun while getting in shape. Personally, I lost twelve pounds and ten inches overall. Walking down the aisle on my wedding day I felt confident and looking at my wedding photos months later still makes me proud. The camp makes brides physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for their big day!


Bridal Boot Camp was such an amazing experience for me. I found out about Jenn's camp through HOUR magazine and saw her picture and thought... Wow, wouldn't it be nice to look like that for my wedding. Before I knew it my life was consumed with Bridal Boot Camp. I loved how the camp is a complete program. The exercise is truly important, but what I ate changed drastically too. It was so convienent to get an e-mail each week with a meal plan for everyday included with recipes. I really thought the food would not taste good and be hard to eat. I ended up loving the variety of food we ate and really broadened my horizons of food... as well as cooking. We even had a personalized cooking lesson with Chef Katie.

One of the aspects I loved most was that each person was going through the same thing together. We were all trying to plan a wedding and look great for it at the same time. It was nice to gather together and talk about what we were going through with the process as well as give each other tips and hints towards our weddings. One of the most rewarding things was to see how much everyone's bodies had changed by the end of the 12 weeks.

Jennifer is a great trainer and so well-rounded. The workout was always changing and included different things such as kickboxing, Bosu ball, spinning, weight lifting, circuit training, pilates, step, and even running 6 miles outside every Saturday. She is such a fantastic motivator and always kept on top of everybody for achieving thier goals. I joined the program to tone-up and look great in my wedding dress. I ended up loosing 15 pounds and was so happy with the way my dress fit. I felt great on my big day and had no insecurities about how I looked. I now have the fundamentals to possess a healthier lifestyle.


I joined the Body Beautiful fitness program initially as a support to a friend who was getting married. My own personal goals were to trim down and start eating healthier. I had put on extra weight over the years and I wasn't really doing as much as I should have from a fitness perspective to take it back off. Additionally, I was making poor food choices or just not eating much at all. Jennifer took me under her wing from the start. We evaluated both my weight and diet history and she developed an individualized plan for both fitness and nutrition that was simple to follow.

One thing that is different about Jennifer's program than other weight loss/fitness programs is she personally involves herself in helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals and holds you and herself accountable for your results. If you are having a problem achieving your goals, Jennifer takes it personally, she will find a solution to ensure you achieve your goals. For example, eight weeks into the program, my weight loss had come to a discouraging halt. She personally examined my fitness and diet logs and made small alterations that helped me continue to lose weight. Most importantly, she helped me stop focusing on the numbers on the scale and more at how my clothes were fitting and how I was feeling physically.

Overall, I would recommend her program to anyone who wants to improve their fitness level. Her program is neither competetive nor intimidating. You work with a group of girls who are all there for the same reason, to become healthier and more physically fit. Jennifer's workouts are individualized to your specific fitness level and the energy she brings to every session motivates you to achieve your personal best. You will not find anyone as devoted to helping you achieve your goals as Jennifer Gray. I had so much sucess with her first program I ended up joining for a second session. Overall, I lost 15 inches and eighteen pounds. Most importantly, she taught me fitness and dietary skills that have helped me continue to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle on my own. It has been seven months now since I first met Jennifer and joined her program. I am down a total of twenty pounds and continue to utilize the fitness techniques she taught at home. If you are serious about improving your overall health, you need to check this program out. It is truly fantastic and you will see results!!


I first saw Jennifer Gray’s Bridal Boot camp in the HOUR magazine and with 6 months left for my wedding I knew that I had to go for it! Every bride wants to get in the perfect dress and have the perfect body on her special day and after talking to Jennifer on the phone I knew that I had to attend the Boot camp.

The best part of the camp was the relationships developed with the other women in the class and when you see others losing weight and inches and heard testimonials from others who had been in the program, it encouraged me to work harder.

When I found the perfect dress I purposely got it one size smaller and with the hard work and “LIFESTYLE” change that needed to be made I hit my goal and got into the dress. The biggest challenge for me was pre planning and making the meals but once I made the time it worked for me. I enjoyed the class so much that at one point instead of going 2 days I made the time and went 4 times a week because I enjoyed it so much!

Even though the wedding is over I have signed up again to take Jennifer’s class because I like the program from the cardio to the meals, cooking classes and the relationships I have developed with many of the other ladies in the class. Jennifer knows her stuff and she has the results to prove it!

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