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Body By Jenn in the Newspaper

Jennifer Gray and her Body Beautiful Boot Camps have received press coverage and various accolades in notable publications such as the C&G Newspapers, Oakland Press, Detroit Free Press, Daily Tribune, and Metro Detroit Bride magazine. She has been a guest on radio and television broadcasts at 100.3 WNIC and Fox 2 News. She is featured on the web at the popular wedding website, The Knot.

PINK Spotlights Body Beautiful Boot Camp
August, 2007

Michele Parzuchowski of Livonia was the winner of our PINK Mommy Boot Camp Challenge, sponsored by Jennifer Gray's Body Beautiful Boot Camps and Macy's. Read the full story
If you've been following PINK, you know that yours truly recently initiated a six-week PINK Mommy Boot Camp Challenge. Me, PINK Editor Wensdy Von Buskirk, and five PINK readers - who had children in the past two years - spent six weeks in Jennifer Gray's Body Beautiful Boot Camp, trying to lose our baby weight. Read the full story

Birmingham, Michigan
February 14, 2006

Those interested in fitness will see their excuses challenged one by one when fitness expert Jennifer Gray offers her No Excuses Workout tips on Fox 2 Detroit's "Get Fit With Fox 2" segment with Fanchon Stinger.

Ms. Gray attacks the excuses we all have for not exercising in each segment then offers solutions. In her first segment aimed at the No Money? excuse, Jennifer demonstrated the use of very affordable rubber workout bands that can be used for a complete cardio workout. Upcoming segments tackle the excuses of No Time? No Motivation? And Don't Know How?

Viewers of the segment are directed to for photos of the exercise that Jennifer demonstrated and additional information on health and fitness topics discussed on the segment. For the next four weeks until her next Fox segment, Jennifer updates the site with tips and photos along with the theme of the segment. Visitors can also sign up online for a newsletter.

Upcoming dates for Jennifer's "Get Fit With Fox 2" segment are February 27, March 27 and April 24. Gray is one of a rotating team of fitness experts on the segment each Monday.

Jennifer Gray holds a four-year degree from Oakland University with concentrations in Exercise Physiology and Psychology. She has been certified through the years in the ACE (American Council of Exercise), the AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America), Exercise Specialists, and kickboxing. Jennifer is currently certified in group training through the AFAA, and remains current in all significant developments within the disciplines of training, exercise, health and psychology.

Jennifer Gray has developed the series of Body Beautiful Boot Camps. They are unlike other programs in that they combine the oversight of working with a trainer with the motivation of working as part of a group.

Gray's Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Women, for Brides and for Big and Beautiful Women all start with a personalized evaluation so one can design a program that achieves your personal goals. The Body Beautiful Boot Camps workout includes all kinds of cardio, weight training, and stretching exercises combined with some of today's latest fitness elements like bosu ball, kick boxing, belly dancing and age-old yoga. Jennifer brings in a nutritionist and chef to teach healthy eating and food preparation and to design menus for one's specific goals.

Classes are underway in the following communities: Rochester, Royal Oak and West Bloomfield. New sessions are starting May 1 in these locations and Grosse Pointe. For additional information on the "Get Fit With Fox 2" segment and Body Beautiful Boot Camps, visit

Get your 'body beautiful' with Boot Camps
By Wensdy White
Editor, PINK
January 15, 2006
Reprinted courtesy of PINK, published every Sunday
in the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers.

Jennifer Gray believes that anyone can get in shape, and she founded Body Beautiful Boot Camps to prove it. Her 12-week boot camps combine fitness and nutrition to give women the tools they need to lose weight and make lifelong changes. Women are expected to attend classes 2-3 times a week, and keep daily food and exercise logs. Gray's Boot Camp for Brides includes makeup and hair consultations, dance lessons and more to get brides ready for their big day. With a new set of Boot Camps starting Jan. 23, we caught up with Gray to find out more about her holistic approach to fitness.

Q: How are your Boot Camps going?
A: My phone is ringing off the hook. Women really like this because it's like a kick-start if they've been in a rut with their working out, or they've never worked out at all. I have strict rules and they have to follow along. This gives them everything they need to reach their goals. It's a progressive group training with a starting date and ending date, and it gives you measurable results.

Q: What can women expect the first day?
A: I do an orientation the day before the camp starts. Everyone meets each other, and gets their body fat measured and "before" pictures taken. We talk about what's going to be in the program, when the cooking classes are going to be held, what type of training they can expect, the rules, when to make up classes - everything they need to know to gear them up for the program.

Q: What kind of exercise can they expect?
A: There's cardio in every workout and training that focuses on different parts of the body. Although I try to keep it exciting and use the latest and greatest things, it's not a fad.

Q: What are the latest exercise trends?
A: Barre Pilates, Bosu Ball training. Yoga, of course, but now they're combining yoga and other types of training together so you're getting stretching, toning and training at the same time. I even use belly dancing in my program.

Q: How did you get the idea for the programs?
A: I've been a personal trainer for 15 years. I've seen people get results, but it all depends on their motivation. I wanted to get more control over what people were doing outside of their one-hour training sessions - where I could help them make lifelong changes and learn healthy habits.

Q: What about the Bridal Boot Camp?
A: I just saw the need. A boot camp is a group, and I thought the brides should all be together because they have common interests and goals and can share information. We have a makeup artist work with them on hair and makeup, and how to prep the day before. It's all about women - feeling your best, being confident, looking your best, being on time, having accountability.

Q: I heard you are a stickler about being on time...?
A: I read somewhere once that if you're late, you're acting like your better than other people, you don't respect other people. Here, you respect others and you respect yourself, and when you say you're going to do something you're going to do it. We track what people have done. They sign a contract with me. They get three chances to mess up - not being late, not turning in their food or cardio logs, showing up to classes at least twice a week. You're making a promise to yourself, but my program is very realistic because you set reasonable goals.

Q: How much weight can you lose in 12 weeks?
A: You can lose two pounds of fat a week, so you can lose between 20 and 25 pounds overall. If people want to continue going to Boot Camps, they graduate to the next level. You have to be really strict in the beginning but after that there's certain things you don't have to do anymore.

Q: What are some roadblocks to losing weight?
A: It's usually stress and disconnection. Something is happening in your life that you're unhappy about. You just have a lot on your plate, literally. I help you to create a connection with yourself. We all have a mindset that we can't do certain things, but I'm trying to help you become a winner. You have to prepare ahead. For example, most people would eat healthy food if they have it in front of them, but instead they grab whatever's there. They don't eat all day and then they're starving at night. I help them prepare food ahead of time and get organized.

Q: Tell us a success story from your program...
A: Oh, there are so many. Sandy is in her 50s. She needed to lose 20 pounds, and get off her cholesterol medicine. Now she's working on her blood pressure medicine. She said she got her "wow" back, and it's the best thing she's ever done. Rianna is a bride who has lost 30 pounds with me so far. She tried everything, L.A. Weight Loss, everything under the sun. Her fiance is a bad influence on her because he's thin and he can eat whatever he wants, but now he misses her cooking. This is her second camp and she's changed completely what she eats.

Q: Can anyone lose weight?
A: Yes, they can.

Wensdy White,
Editor, PINK
36251 Schoolcraft
Livonia, MI 48150




New ways to shape up also beat boredom
By Elizabeth A. Katz
Daily Tribune Staff Writer
January 8, 2006
Excerpt republished here
courtesy of the Daily Tribune

At the age of 30, Laura Purtell of Hazel Park said she found she had grown a bit snug in her clothing. And with an impending marriage in April of this year, Purtell was ready to make a life change/

Beginning in May 2005, Purtell enlisted herself in the Body Beautiful Boot Camp for brides, spending hours running many miles and sweating through cardio workouts and circuit training while learning how to shop for nutritious foods and cook healthy meals.

"I've lost 30 pounds but I've lost a lot more inches," she said. "I was tight in my size 16 clothes and when I left (the boot camp), I was fitting into a size 10 wedding dress."

Purtell learned about the Body Beautiful Boot Camp online when visiting the bridal Web site The Knot (www.theknot. com). Boot camp fitness instructor Jennifer Gray of Birmingham offered her a special discount and Purtell took the bait.

"I called her and we clicked right away," Purtell said. "I met with her and I couldn't say no when I left. I was so fired up... She teaches you how to grocery shop, how to cook food and how to eat (healthy). Everything she teaches you is stuff you can use at home."

For those like Purtell who want to shave off their excess weight in the New Year, Gray's Body Beautiful Boot Camp is one of several unique workouts offered in the metro area that may be the best strategy for someone who isn't necessarily interested in joining a traditional gym.

Basic training

Gray, a personal trainer for 15 years, is now accepting new students for her Body Beautiful Boot Camp, a 12-week session that begins Jan. 23 at a local Royal Oak gym. The camp is composed of three programs, one for brides, one for women seeking to restructure their current exercise program and one for "big and beautiful" women.

Participants also receive a personal fitness evaluation by Gray, attend healthy cooking classes led by Chef Katie Renton, who owns her own catering and culinary education company, and have a customized menu designed for them each day by dietician Susan Takla, who runs a Birmingham practice. The cost is $20 per class for three one-hour sessions a week or $24 a class for two one-hour sessions per week.

Gray said she incorporates a variety of exercises into the workout portion, including cardio, BOSU ball (a stability ball cut in half with a flat base), yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, belly dancing and circuit training. In addition to the fee for her boot camp, program participants have access to the gym.

"They are never going to be bored," said Gray, who has a degree in exercise physiology from Oakland University. "They would have full use of the gym through my program. It's sort of a gift I'm giving them by doing my program."

Purtell said she never worked so hard in her life and that her lifestyle changes have been profound.

"I said I was moderately active until I got into the boot camp," she said. "She pushes you to the limit. It's not just about getting your heart rate up, it's about looking nasty and sweating. She's made me re-look at how I live my life."

Contact Elizabeth A. Katz at or 248-591-2515.

Kicking fitness into high gear
Fitness boot camps offer multi-faceted approach to staying in shape
By Julie Freer
C & G Staff Writer
January 4, 2006
Republished here courtesy of C&G Newspapers

While planning for her July 9, 2005, wedding, Ashley Valles, 25, saw advertisements for Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps, but it took her a while before she actually called to inquire about classes.

“You always think about it, but there’s a million other things you’re thinking about at that time, too,” said Valles, a Bloomfield Hills resident and account manager for a local radio station.

But when her wedding was only a few months away, Valles decided to get serious about buffing up for the big day. She called Gray and found out more about her Body Beautiful Boot Camp for Brides, one of three boot camp fitness classes Gray offers. The others are Boot Camp for Women and Boot Camp for Big and Beautiful Women.

“I would definitely say for any bride, or anyone who wants to get in shape, that you’ll reach your goal if you join the class,” said Valles, who lost 12 pounds and 10 inches during the 12-week class.

Gray, 35, of Birmingham, has been doing one-on-one training for 15 years, but over the past year, she launched her Body Beautiful Boot Camps to approach fitness from a group angle. With help from a small team of trainers, Gray offers boot camp classes in West Bloomfield, Royal Oak, Rochester, Clinton Township and Brighton. Clients attend two or three sessions per week for 12 weeks at cost of $20 to $24 per session.

“Working out in a group is something that actually works to their advantage because it’s more affordable — personal trainers can cost $65 to $75 per hour — and I find it more effective for most people who really want to make changes to their body,” said Gray, who has a degree from Oakland University with concentrations in exercise physiology and psychology.

Gray credits the class’ effectiveness to her seven boot camp rules that ensure each client is held accountable for her own progress in the program. Number one is never be late.

“If you say you’re going to do something, you need to do it,” said Gray. “You get three chances to screw up in each area before you get kicked out. It’s important to have that accountability.”

Clients also must fill out a cardio log, detailing the cardiovascular activity they’ve done for the week, and a food log. They e-mail Gray weekly to let her know they’ve done their grocery shopping.

“There’s a nutritional element to the class,” said Gray. “I have a chef, Katie Renton, who does cooking lessons for different caloric intakes based on basal metabolism. With the cooking, it’s all about planning ahead, it’s not a gimmick diet. That’s half the battle, because most of the time people would rather eat healthier food, it’s just not in front of them.”

Clients must attend at least two fitness classes per week, keep a positive attitude toward others in the class, and give it their all every day.

Valles said initially she was intimidated by the rules and the intense workouts, but a few sessions into it and she was hooked. When she returned from her honeymoon, she signed up for another class.

“I didn’t want to go back to just going, ‘maybe I’ll work out tonight,’” said Valles. “The class is motivating and it holds you accountable.”

For more information about Jennifer Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps, call (248) 761-2321 or visit

You can reach Julie Freer at

Fitness boot camp offers more than just a quick fix
Next session to start Jan. 23
By Sarah Cormier
C & G Staff Writer
December 21, 2005
epublished here courtesy of C&G Newspapers

As a fitness instructor for the past 15 years, Jennifer Gray was becoming frustrated with the lack of effectiveness personal training seemed to have. Clients would cancel or they would just go through the routine, expecting Gray to do everything for them.

“I found that when people work with trainers, they cancel and don’t get to their goals as much,” she said

Realizing that working with a group, instead of one on one, may help motivate some of her clients, Gray started Body Beautiful Boot Camps. She offers three different types — Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Brides, Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Women and Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Big and Beautiful Women. Although each group targets a different type of woman, they all have the same three rules.

Number one, Gray said, is that no one is allowed to be late to class. According to Gray, this rule helps keeps participants accountable for their actions.

“It gives them more energy and more support of the group, but also accountability,” she said. “That has more pull and brings more meaning to it.”

Rule number two is that all participants must turn in food and cardio logs — detailed accounts of their consumption and exercise — to Gray every week.

Gray said that she works with a personal chef who prepares menus for each woman to help them lose weight. The women are made accountable for how much exercising or eating they do, she said.

The third rule is they must e-mail her what they have bought for groceries for the week and a plan of what they are going to eat every day based off of the menu prepared by the chef.

“It is all about planning ahead,” Gray said.

In addition to eating well, participants are required to come to two or three of Gray’s one-hour exercise sessions a week. Gray said she offers the classes Monday through Saturday, so if a client misses a class, they have plenty of chances to make it up.

Gray describes her classes, which include everything from yoga to cardio to kickboxing, as “progressive” and ”customized to the individual.”

“I like to bring in all the different things that make you fit,” she said.

She added that the point of the camps is to help women work out and to make better, consistent choices when it comes to eating.

“Whatever they are doing, I want to find a way to make it more effective,” she said.

Gray holds her classes throughout metro Detroit — including Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Clinton Township and Rochester. Each program is 12 weeks in length and sessions, which include a menu from the personal chef, are $20 to $24 each.

Since starting the boot camps last May, Gray said that more than 100 people have graduated.

Sterling Heights resident Riana Carr is one of those people. According to Carr, she joined Gray’s Body Beautiful Boot Camps for Brides this past July. Now on her second round of classes, Carr said she has lost about 30 pounds. She said one of her favorite parts about the program was the detailed menu she received every week. “I like that you know ahead of time what you are going to eat,” she said. “Plus with other diets there is no variety. With this, the menu is different every week.” She added that the program also provides participants with healthy tips that will last a lifetime.

“It helps make it a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix,” she said.

Carr said that she plans to continue the program.

“I have found this so easy. This has everything that other programs have been missing,” she said.

For more information, visit To register for a boot camp, call (248) 761-2321 or e-mail

You can reach Sarah Cormier at

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