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I started Body beautiful boot camp in July of 2007. When I was younger I never had a lot of trouble keeping weight off. I am for the most part a healthy eater. All my life the one thing I had trouble committing to was exercise.
After having three children and turning 40 things started to change. No matter what I did I could not keep the extra pounds away. That's when I signed up with Jenn. The body beautiful boot camp was unlike anything that I had ever done before. I stayed focused even committed and really started to see my body change.

Each class focused on a different area of the body, making each class far from boring. Jenn makes you challenge yourself. The boot camp is high energy and before I knew it the girl who hated exercise was hooked! It is now December and I have lost nine inches and able to wear a bikini again. My husband thinks I am a new person. I have met a lot of great woman in the camp and it has changed my whole outlook on health and fitness. Thanks Jenn, Mike, Mona & Dan you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!


I started Body Beautiful Boot Camp in January, with the hope of losing 15 pounds and feeling good. It is now August, I have lost 20 pounds and I feel GREAT! I cannot believe the transformation - I went from a size 10-12 to 4-6, sometimes even a size 2 now!

This is much more that just a workout program - It is a lifestyle change! The meal plans and workouts, along with all of the great women who participate, make this the best experience you could ask for in order to get healthy and stay healthy. I don't even have to think about working out anymore, because I love it. I have learned to make the right choices as far as food and portion sizes. I am in the best shape of my life and intend to stay that way! I can't even tell you how much I have enjoyed this - I have met some amazing women who have helped me reach my goals by keeping me motivated and pushing me. I hope I have helped them to do the same. I LOVE Body Beautiful Boot Camp!


Hi, I am Alice and at age 57 found that I needed to lose weight. Although I had worked out with a personal trainer for the past two years, I had not been successful at losing weight and my health was negatively affected. I saw an article in the newspaper about Jennifer’s boot camp and decided to give it a try. After 12 weeks I am happy to report that I have lost 14 pounds, dropped one dress size and lowered my cholesterol by 20 points. The class was just what I needed. The synergy of the group approach, the high level of exercise and diet helped to motivate me to achieve the weight loss that previous programs failed to do. Jennifer is a great motivator and has assembled an excellent program. I enjoy exercising with my new friends who have similar goals and will be returning to the program in September to continue with my success.


Before coming to Jennifer’s Body Beautiful Camps, I was not really comfortable in my own body. I played tennis and was in ok shape, but I felt that I could do more to stay healthy. Sometimes I would go until dinner without eating or just eat junk all day. After coming to the camp, I feel much better about myself and how I look. I have also started eating better and therefore saw a complete change. Thanks to Jennifer’s camp I have found a real sense of pride in who I am inside and out.




I've trained with Jennifer for about eight months and had a great experience. Jennifer's enthusiasm is contagious and the classes are so much fun! I've learned a ton and feel great!






I joined Jennifer’s class, first and foremost, to get fit and strong. I have always been active, but have had problems with my lower back and have lost a lot of strength in recent years. I am 49 years old and want to begin a more committed regime which I can follow throughout my life – I was definitely looking for a ‘kick start’. I knew that with proper diet and exercise the weight and pounds would follow – I didn’t know it would happen so fast! Within the first 5 weeks I had lost 10 pounds, but the big change was in the way my clothes fit.

My pants are literally falling off me. The workouts are demanding, but adjusted for your particular fitness level. The first week I did 5 sets of stairs – 8 weeks later I can do 40 sets – its exciting to see the progress. There is a nice camaraderie amongst the members of the class and Jennifer makes you accountable by requiring food and exercise logs, as well as emailing her on a weekly basis. One of my goals this year was to run a 5K race before I turned 50 – after 8 weeks in the course I was able to attain that goal when I ran the Jingle Bell Run in Birmingham in 35 minutes. Anyone could benefit from this program – Jennifer and the class are there to guide and support you in the process but you must make the commitment individually to succeed. I’m looking forward to the next session to start.


Now at 33, I have struggled all of my adult life with weight. I have seen the scale go up and down. I’ve done Jenny Craig 3 times and Nutri System twice. I have also belonged to Fitness USA and Contours, as well as tried to work out on my own. I usually stick with a program for a few months, then soon find myself falling off the wagon and choosing to eat what I want, because it’s just easier; and not working out , because I just can’t find the time.
This past year (late fall through winter) I fell into the same rut, gaining weight. I didn’t feel good about myself, kept promising myself, “Monday I will start.” This led to the next Monday and so on and so forth. Finally, I was eating the things that were easy and I liked, because I already felt bad about myself and needed to lose weight, so why not eat a little more. “Blah” is the best word to describe how I felt.

I saw the Body by Jenn ad several times prior to seriously thinking about it in April. I went on line to check things out and decided I wanted to start her session in May. I didn’t tell my husband right away, because money was (is) something we were trying to save. I commented to my mom about it and she worried about me being away from my 2 children more hours of the week. I continued to contact Jenn over the next several weeks with questions and decided to do it. Then, being a teacher, decided it would be easier for me to wait until the next 6 week session when school was out for the summer. (Again, putting it off.) My husband still wasn’t sold. I can’t say as I blame him. He has seen me try things before and not stick to it, basically money wasted. He is an athlete, gym teacher, football coach, and works out faithfully. It is in his blood, not (wasn’t) mine. He didn’t see how paying someone to “train” me was going to make me exercise. He thought (and I think still believes) I should be able to do it myself.
So, finally in June, I started training with Jenn 3 days per week. I can’t believe how hard it was and running was not in my vocabulary, but I didn’t give up and saw my stamina improve within weeks. I had more energy and began learning the right foods to eat and what the balance of calories, proteins, carbs, etc. really meant to my diet. I began running on my own and was excited to see what I was accomplishing. Jenn’s positive attitude and encouragement kept (keeps) me going and working hard. I just don’t feel myself now when I don’t work out. I didn’t realize how much of a lifestyle change it really is.
I just saw my “before” picture and all I can say is, “Oh my gosh! I had no idea.” I now know 100% without a doubt I needed Jennifer and I am so glad I decided to take the leap against the recommendation of those I love and commit to her program. I’ve lost approximately 13 lbs in my first 14 weeks, a lot of inches, and a few %’s in body fat (I met the goals set for my 12 week session). Confidence is not something I have a lot of, but I can certainly say it has begun to improve.

I am looking forward to beginning the next 12 week session with Jenn. I have yet to reach my ultimate goal (and never have with any program), but know now that I will and can achieve it with Jennifer’s guidance. I have made a life change and feel good; this is how I want it to stay. This feeling, as well as working out with a trainer and with a group of women with similar goals is the motivation that I need to continue. Though my husband compliments me on the changes in my body and the running stamina I have built up, he still is not sold on me continuing to spend the money to train with Jenn; but I know that this is something I have to do for myself.
Jenn and her trainers work us hard and never in a way I could/would do by myself. I know I couldn’t achieve these results on my own. I am just starting to see the results of the me I really want to be coming through. I know I am a better mom to my 4 and 5 year old boys and a better wife now that I feel better about myself. I needed Jenn’s program (need her program) and now have my self-discipline, as well as leaders I can count on to continue moving me in the direction I want to go, in effort to achieve the goals I have set for me. I look forward to becoming the fit person Jenn knows (and I am starting to believe) I can be.


Let me first say, I am not the usual person in the class. I am not a new bride; I have daughters in the same age bracket as many of the women in the class and I haven't worked out in years. So why am I here, because I've tried on my own for a long time to control and maintain my weight with only minor success? Every year I put on a few more pounds, worked really hard to get the weight off, but continued to watch the scale climb higher and higher. At 58 I now suffer from many minor health problems, not really life-threatening, but definitely heading down a slippery slope. My health in general is becoming a problem and I had to either do something about it or "stop whining about getting older", as if I had no control over myself anymore.

I decided what I needed was a "boot camp" to whip myself back into shape. I wanted to find my "WOW" again! I saw Jennifer's ad and decided to call. What I found out is Jennifer's "boot camp" is very different than most. With most camps the premise is to beat you into self discipline, relying on shame, harsh words, and degradation when you fail.

That's not Jennifer's style. She's concerned about the total woman. She provides meal plans, offers a cooking class, and we've even gone to a local salon and learned how to apply make-up, how to take care of our skin, and how to believe in ourselves. To understand, like with so many things in life, you will get out of her course hwat you put into it.

However, don't be fooled by its hard work. She's no pushover; her passion and focus is unrelenting. She expects your cooperation and a strong commitment, and she requires you to follow her instructions. Why? Because they have been proven over and over to produce success. It's the hardest workout I have ever experienced, but my family, friends, coworkers, and I can hardly beleive the results. My doctor was amazed. This very week he is taking me off my cholesterol medication, but only with the understanding that I must continue to exercise and eat properly. Now I'm going after that blood pressure issue. I know I can never stop taking the medication, yet we believe if I stay on the path of good health I will be able to reduce the amount of medication I must now take. And there are mental successes too. I feel so good about myself. I am very proud to be in control again and I feel happy and healthier! Oh, and by the way, I love it when my husband says, "WOW! You look great!"

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